Simulation-Driven Design software for casting

Quick Overview

Casting Simulation for:
  • High Pressure Die Casting
  • Low Pressure Die Casting
  • Gravity Sand and Tilt Pouring
  • Permanent Mold Casting

Technical Data

What is Click2Cast?
  • Click2Cast is a casting simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components.
  • Click2Cast helps users avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shots, etc.
  • Click2Cast has the most user-friendly interface that allows the complete simulation to be done in 5 simple steps.


How can Click2Cast help you?
  • The  mold filling simulation allows you to evaluate several Ingate options quickly.
  • No need to pre-design the ingate, simply select the size and position and Click2Cast will generate the ingate for you.
  • This allows you to validate full casting designs including cavities, runners, and overflows.
  • Where to position Feed and Risers and which size?
  • Continuous ingate or fan ingate?
  • Where to vent overflows.
  • How to balance: Multicavity mold.

What Analysis tools are included?

Front Flow  

Front flow shows the filling material evolution. This visualization gives a preliminary idea of the filling time, and the way the part is filled.

Front flow new


Temperature during Filling

Temperature evolution results shows the evolution of temperatures during filling. This animations helps to better understand the heat lost during the filling.




Shows the vectors representation of the velocities.



Cold Shuts

Shows the front encounter of material during the filling evolution. Blue colour shows the areas where exists the front encounter of material.

Cold Shuts


Air Entrapment

Shows the last areas to fill the part and his air entrapment during the evolution of filling.

Air entrap


Mold Erotion

Mold erosion shows the areas with velocities exceeding 35 m/s, and with high probability of mold erosion problems during the evolution of filling.

mold erotion


Filling Time

Shows the filling time of the different areas of the part.

filling time


Solid Fraction during Filling

Predict if there are some areas solidified during the filling.

Solid Fraction


Temperature during Solidification

Shows the temperature evolution during the solidification.

Temp Solid


Solid Fraction during Solidification

Shows the evolution of the solidification. The material that solidifies will disappear from the animation and liquid material will be represented in red colour.

solid fraction 2


Solidification Times

Shows the time that takes any area of the part  to solidify .

Solid Times


Shrinkage Porosity

Shows the shrinkage porosity percentage in volume over the total volume of the part.

Shrinkage porosity


Solidification Modulus

Solidification Modulus (Volume-to-area ratio) is used in the Riser Designer wizard.

Solid modulus


Riser Designer

Helps to calculate the optimal riser configuration for the part.


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