ZW3D 2X Machining

  • All-in-one CAD/CAM system.
  • Changes in geometry automatically update CNC programming output.
  • Directly import and cut any geometry, including STL files and point cloud data.

2X Turning

  • Easy-to-use quick calculations of tool paths.
  • Support OD and ID roughing, finishing, threading, grooving operations, and more.

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2X Milling

  • The 2-axis milling tactic provides a rich set of tool paths for rough stock removal and surface finishing.
  • It also provides the means for the operator to make holes or cut access holes with drills or mill tools.
  • The 2.5-axis tool paths include profiling and pocketing by collapsing step-over (inward or outward), parallel linear cuts, or continuous spiraling.
  • ZW3D automatically recognizes hole features and selects the proper tooling, spot drill, tap, counterbore or countersink. ZW3D gives the users total control over parent tools. You can drill, bore, ream or tap points, circles, cylinders, half cylinders(common with imported parts) and native or imported holes.
  • Automatic generation of correct and efficient 3D CNC machining plans requires the identification and association of features such as holes, slots and pockets, with a distinctive manufacturing process.


3D SmoothFlow Design Paradigm

  • SmoothFlow will make ZW3D the fastest,2xmachining3most effective 3D CAD system available anywhere

Hybrid modeling

  • Hybrid modeling makes it possible for engineers to take advantage of the speed of solids with the flexibility of Class A surfaces.

Import and Export 3D geometry fast and eliminate model repair time.

  • IGES: ZW3D supports the latest IGES standards and works seamlessly with non-solids.
  • STEP: Import AP 203 and 214 and export AP 203. STEP assembly/layer support.
  • Parasolid: ZW3D supports the latest parasolid libraries and properly exports ZW3D Assemblies to parasolid assemblies or bodies.

ZW3D healing

  • ZW3D healing can analyze and quickly repair abnormal conditions found in the geometry of imported files (e.g., vertex points, edge curves, UV curves, and face boundaries).

Sam Waterson - CEO - Volume Injection Products

“ZW3D allows us to cost effectively manage product development. From initial part design through to CAM machining. The on site training by Access has been a great help in getting up to speed on the new software.”

Richard Prince - Tool Room Manager

Extremely easy to learn and get going quickly on the modelling side. The workflow is simple and once the penny drops, you can design anything with ease.

Donovan Barnes - Owner Habitat Industries

habitatFrom a design perspective, mould design is simplified and takes about 50% faster. As mentioned, the support is extremely top class. Any software glitches or other issues, get sorted out almost instantly

Steve Farentinos - Engineering Manager - ACE Clearwater

Unlike most systems, ZW3D was built from the ground up to be completely integrated, so it can handle the entire process or just small parts. It’s flexible. In an operation like ours, the integrated functions save a lot of time and improve our efficiency. We also didn’t have to purchase a lot of add-on products, which is the case with most CAD/CAM software.

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