ZW3D Lite

ZW3D Lite is powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use 3D CAD software. It provides friendly user experience with nice ribbon style UI and clear workflow with smart project managing system.

ZW3D Lite is not only a very good starting point for the new CAD users, but is an ideal low-cost and lightweight design solution for managers , engineers and consultants who simply need to review CAD data from customers and suppliers.

Not only can it directly read and edit 3D models from CATIA, NX, Creo, Inventor and SolidWorks, but also import and export STEP, STL, IGES, Parasolid, DWG, DXF and SAT formats.

Learn 3D design in 3 hours. By following this series of tutorials.

Get to know ZW3D Lite:

What does ZW3D look like? Is the interface good? If I’m a beginner, will it be very difficult for me to get familiar with? Can I customize the configuration according to my habit? Just watch this video and you’ll know the answer.

3D CAD is cool, but I still need 2D drawings

Don’t worry. The sketch function in ZW3D Lite is powerful and easy to use. Basic features such as line, circle, arc, rectangle, ellipse & point are absolutely provided. What’s more, there are some special features like Quick Draw, Ready-Sketch, trace profile, etc. Watch the video to know more.

Let’s build a 3D model

Can’t wait to try 3D modeling, right? After watching two videos, you must have some knowledge about ZW3D lite in mind. So it is time to enter the world of 3D and build a 3D model by yourselves! Ready? Open the software and follow the video.

Try something challenging

In order to let you be familiar with modeling, let’s try a more complex 3D model and use some other commands this time. In this video, you’ll learn the Shape features of ZW3D, as well as engineering features, Boolean calculation, tips for Quick Shape & Snap. Let’s do it together!

Convert 2D data to 3D model

Some CAD users need to work with 2D and 3D drawing simultaneously. Sometimes, for a certain product, a 2D drawing has been created. If they need to design it again in 3D CAD software, it’ll be a huge waste of time. But this won’t be a problem when using ZW3D, as DWG files can be perfectly imported into the software for further design.

2D Sheet

In the last lesson, we’ve talked about converting 2D to 3D. But what about 3D to 2D? Now, it comes to the introduction of 2D sheet in ZW3D lite. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to define 2D sheet template, create 2D sheet and view layout, add dimensions and 2D tables. And you’ll get to know the newly updated sheet manager system, which will bring convenience to users. Let’s get started.

Sam Waterson - CEO - Volume Injection Products

“ZW3D allows us to cost effectively manage product development. From initial part design through to CAM machining. The on site training by Access has been a great help in getting up to speed on the new software.”

Richard Prince - Tool Room Manager

“Extremely easy to learn and get going quickly on the modelling side. The workflow is simple and once the penny drops, you can design anything with ease.”

Donovan Barnes - Owner Habitat Industries

habitat“From a design perspective, mould design is simplified and takes about 50% faster. As mentioned, the support is extremely top class. Any software glitches or other issues, get sorted out almost instantly.”

Steve Farentinos - Engineering Manager - ACE Clearwater

“Unlike most systems, ZW3D was built from the ground up to be completely integrated, so it can handle the entire process or just small parts. It’s flexible. In an operation like ours, the integrated functions save a lot of time and improve our efficiency. We also didn’t have to purchase a lot of add-on products, which is the case with most CAD/CAM software.”

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