ZW3D Premium

  • ZW3D Premium provides all the CAD and CAM functions except 4-5X milling
  • All functions of ZW3D Professional
  • 2-Axis Turning
  • 2-Axis Milling
  • 3-Axis Surface Milling
  • Hole Making
  • Auto-feature Tactics
  • Tool path editor
  • QuickMill High Speed Milling
  • Smoothflow Adaptive Feedrate Control
  • Auto Assign Speed Feed Table
  • CNC Output Manager
  • Solid Verification
  • Operation list output and customize
  • ZW3D Post Processor

Import and Export

  • IGES: ZW3D supports the latest IGES standards and works seamlessly with non-so lids.
  • STEP: Import AP 203 and 214 and export AP 203. STEP assembly/layer support.
  • Parasolid: ZW3D supports the latest parasolid libraries and properly exports ZW3D Assemblies to parasolid assemblies or bodies.
  • Directly read many 3D CAD software formats, such as NX, SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo, and Inventor.

2D Detailing, Sectioning, BOM & Hole Tables.

  • Automatic layout with projection, sectioning and detailing.
  • Hidden line, wire frame, shaded and fast hidden line views.
  • Advanced sections of trimmed parts or trimmed surface.
  • QuickDraw geometry with One-touch trimming & dimensioning.
  • Annotate views, sections and details with True Type Fonts.
  • Assembly exploded, detail, configuration and history state views.
  • GD&T Editing and creation.
  • Bill of Material, Hole & Electrode tables with auto-ballooning.
  • Title Header fill-in with attributes, variables or images (logo display).
  • One-touch model recall.

Geometry Healing

  • ZW3D healing can analyze and quickly repair abnormal conditions found in the geometry of imported files (e.g., vertex points, edge curves, UV curves, and face boundaries). These abnormalities include gaps that are impossible to machine. ZW3D can resolve thousands of such problems in minutes. Even though ZW3D can go straight to work on poor geometry, great healing tools are still essential to anyone that works with imported data.

Freeform Class-A surfacing and Shape Morphing

  • Class-A surface modeling.
  • Shape morphing.
  • Surface matching, merging, smoothing and control point editing.
  • Advanced surface editing (with divide, trim and sew options).
  • N-Sided & FEM blends with continuity control and gap detection.
  • Smart surfacing – rails, splines, drive curves.
  • Advanced lofting & variable sweeps.


Assemble Design and Motion Simulation

  • Strong support for assembly-centric design.
  • Top-down or bottom-up assembly design.
  • In-place assembly shape modeling.
  • Editable Bill of Material with Excel link.
  • On demand data retrieval.
  • Assembly patterns.
  • Interference checking.
  • Motion Simulation with AVI exporting.
  • Alternate parts and configurations.
  • Exploded views (automatic & interactive).
  • Part lookup with predefined search paths.
  • Constraint-based component positioning.


Built-in Product Data Management with links to FEA & C

  • FEA:ZW3D links directly with Cosmos DesignStar 2006 and ANSYS DesignSpace exporting an optimized data set for analysis
  • PDM: Workgroups need an easy to use solution for document control. ZW3D provides tools for file check-in/out, read-write permissions, version and revision control and attribute searching. ZW3D also supports a wide range of third party PDM systems.
  • CMM: Point files can be imported directly into ZW3D from any coordinate measuring machine or 3D scanner


Sheet Metal Design

  • Full and partial flange creation with automatic bend radius and relief.
  • Easy lofted flange creation with two open profiles.
  • Simplified tab and cut creation.
  • Corner closing with relief.
  • Easy S-Bend creation.
  • Flexible, easy to create louvers and dimples.
  • Folding and unfolding of entire part or selected bends.
  • Flexibly fold a face along a line.
  • Easy modification of bend angle or radius.
  • Features can be added in folded or unfolded state.
  • Tagging of bends for working with non-native parts.


Reverse Engineering – Point Cloud

  • Create surfaces and STL models from millions of points.
  • Use point thinning to reduce data while maintaining shape integrity.
  • Point cloud surface fit analysis tools.
  • Point file display and edit tools.
  • Large STL data handling.
  • Import extremely large STL files.
  • Boundary edge tracing.
  • Create a closed multi-tangent-surface model from a 360o scan.


Core & Cavity, QuickSplit, Parting Lines & Surfaces

  • ZW3D can automate core cavity creation. ZW3D includes utilities to automate create core and cavity region, parting lines and faces in mold design, which provide the flexibility for mold designers.


Basic Mold Base Library

  • Insert complete mold bases from DME, HASCO,LKM,MEUSBURGER and OXA_RABOURDIN , with all of the purchased components and proper BOM information.
  • Many kinds of standard parts are available, including screw, guide pillar, ejector pin, locating ring and so on.


Cooling Channels, Slides, Inserts & Electrodes

  • Many efficient assistant tools are provided to create the cooling channels, slider, insert and electrodes.
  • Electrode tables can be automatically created, including electrode origin information.


Integrated PartSolutions Library

  • This new function provides the capability to insert abundant part libraries in ANSI, BSI, CSN, DIN, EN, GB, GOST, ISO, JB, JIS, KS, NF, PN, UNI, etc, including those from famous supplier in the world. It will reduce the time to create models manually and improve work efficiency and accuracy. PartSolutions™ is included at no additional cost.

Sam Waterson - CEO - Volume Injection Products

“ZW3D allows us to cost effectively manage product development. From initial part design through to CAM machining. The on site training by Access has been a great help in getting up to speed on the new software.”

Richard Prince - Tool Room Manager

Extremely easy to learn and get going quickly on the modelling side. The workflow is simple and once the penny drops, you can design anything with ease.

Donovan Barnes - Owner Habitat Industries

habitatFrom a design perspective, mould design is simplified and takes about 50% faster. As mentioned, the support is extremely top class. Any software glitches or other issues, get sorted out almost instantly

Steve Farentinos - Engineering Manager - ACE Clearwater

Unlike most systems, ZW3D was built from the ground up to be completely integrated, so it can handle the entire process or just small parts. It’s flexible. In an operation like ours, the integrated functions save a lot of time and improve our efficiency. We also didn’t have to purchase a lot of add-on products, which is the case with most CAD/CAM software.

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