Training Courses

Any software product is only as good as the person using it. Getting your designers and artisans skilled in the tools they use is not only a lasting investment in them, but one of the fundamental building blocks in optimising the way your company performs.
We have many years of experience in training people of various CAD and CAM solutions and we apply the best in techniques from the Aerospace and Automotive industries to provide training that helps ensure skill-continuity for our customers.
The training manuals are customised to become your company’s own Standard Operating Procedure.
This improves skill-retention after the training as the trainee can use the manuals to fall back on and it further reduces future training needs, saving you money.

Our training courses have been developed to be…

  • Affordable (Making it more accessible to Small business and private users)
  • Industry Specific (Focusing training time on what you really need to know)
  • Hand-on (Practice, practice, practice…)
  • We provide both On-site training as well as group sessions at our offices in Century City.

Training Courses

Basic Design Courses

Reverse Engineering – (2 day course)
Day 1 – Surface Healing
Day 2 – Point Cloud Surfacing

Design Fundamentals – (5 day course)
Day 1 – 2D Sketch
Day 2 – 3D Solid Modeling
Day 3 – 3D Surfacing and Hybrid Design
Day 4 – Assembly Design
Day 5 – 2D Drafting.

Advanced Design Courses

Day 1 – Assembly Animation
Day 2 – Parametric Templates
Day 3 – Custom Component Libraries
Day 4 – Design Optimization Methods
Day 5 – Design Optimization Methods

Mould Design – (3 day course)

Day 1 – Core and Cavity
Day 2 – Mold Base Design
Day 3 – Slides, Inserts and Electrode Design

Sheet Metal Design – (1 day course)

Machining Training courses

2 Axis Machining – (2 day course)

Day 1 – Turning
Day 2 – 2D Prismatic Machining

3 Axis Machining – (3 day course.)

Day 1 – 2D Prismatic Machining
Day 2 – Quick Milling Operations
Day 3 – Machining Best Practices

4 & 5 Axis Machining – (3 day course)

Day 1 – Multi Axis Best Practices
Day 2 – 5 Axis Operations
Day 3 – Auxiliary Motions

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